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Making informed decisions with digital transport infrastructure

Arrive is a project and transport platform by Centrality — an all-in-one digital platform where people can search, compare, book and pay for their transport options.

At XLabs their team explored how they can help travellers and commuters to identify and reduce the true cost of individual transport including emissions, and ultimately, driving behaviour change at scale.

CBD methods:
Embedded intelligence
Networked participation
Carbon emissions
Societal benefits
Wasted resources

The Team:
Phil Williams
Brendan Platt
Andy Higgs

The Challenge ­–

The transport sector accounts for 20% of our total emissions, but the reality is, there is no easy way of measuring the environmental footprint of our journeys. Most of us don’t know the environmental cost of our travel choices. We simply can’t compare the difference between travelling by car, by bicycle, by bus or by train because we don’t have the visibility or the metrics.That’s where Arrive comes in.

The Arrive team believes everyone needs to understand the financial cost of transport in terms of dollars, and environmental cost measured in kilograms of carbon. That all commuters should be able to easily, and directly compare, private car driving and public options. At XLabs they explored, ‘how might circular economy principles be embedded into the Arrive platform to empower low emission transport choices?’.

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The Journey ­–

“XLabs became a place for us to progress our solution, using circular economy methods to scale up the environmental benefits of our platform. We wanted to explore how we could bring environmental cost into the decision making process. We already had a project running in Wellington, and XLabs helped expand on this with new insights and methods.” Phil Williams
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The Solution ­–

Arrive is a transport app designed to search, compare, book and pay for any transport options. It’s based on a powerful mobility-as-a-service platform called Iomob. Citizens can search all available travel options to get them from A to B, which makes comparing those options easier. The app enables users to combine different travel modes, say a bus and a scooter. They can pay for both legs in one place. They’ll also be asked if they want to add an offsetting fee, making the environmental impact of that choice clear right up front. This is vital if we want to change behaviours at scale.
This is the digital infrastructure that a climate-friendly transport sector needs –

Bringing together cause, effect and immediate offsetting. Best of all, anyone can build over top of the platform, and leverage the comparison and offsetting features.

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The Ambition ­–

Arrive’s ambition is simple: to put environmental impact at the same level of consideration as convenience and cost.

The work they are doing with their all-in-one transport app is all about creating a new normal for New Zealand with congestion-free streets, clean air, and happy people.