Learn how to practically apply the circular economy to your business and the complex challenges of emissions, waste and pollution.
A foundational online course in designing for the circular economy.

This self-paced course enables individuals and businesses to build capability and start designing circular solutions — right at the intersection of sustainability, science and technology.

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Move beyond sustainability

Online circular economy training for individuals, teams, and businesses.

Created by real-world Circularity practitioners, XLabs LEARN is a comprehensive course in understanding the circular economy in the context of your business and environmental impacts.

Build capability, reimagine the possibilities, and start designing circular solutions to the challenges of our current ‘take-make-waste’ linear economy.

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— April to August 2023.

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Note: Learn is required training for all teams attending the full XLabs program.

It’s time to make the shift:
XLabs values: from wasted to valued, from recycled to renewed, from competitive to connected, from linear to circular

Discover. Learn. Concept.

Explore the opportunities of a future circular economy in Aotearoa NZ — and start unlocking the value it holds for your business.

XLabs LEARN can be completed as a standalone introduction to designing for the circular economy, or as a prerequisite to our in-person LIVE design sprint.

This online course is self-directed and can be progressed at your own pace. For best results, we recommend working through it alongside others from your team, business, or industry.

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XLabs is designed to complement your everyday work and scale your impact

Enough time for you to schedule work around the program, but also allow for ebb and flow to naturally occur between your day job and the future you are creating. With an agenda and digital support that moves you between indoor, outdoor and online spaces to optimise energy flows.

People sitting on grass brainstorming circular design strategies
Work on a real and complex environmental challenge that relates to your business

While you are part of the program you will tackle a challenge for your business. This means it has more chance of being implemented. For many individuals or teams, working alongside other businesses to gain perspective and find new solutions is one of the most rewarding experiences of XLabs.

Close up of XLabs circular economy lab resources
Generate new ideas using the Circular by Design methods

The Circular by Design methods form the basis of the XLabs program and will help you explore and unlock the circular economy advantage for your business. We start by 'Loving the Problem' in which we will help you build a system map for your business to close the loop. From there, we explore how you might grow your world, influence regenerative behaviours, use network participation to unlock new business models and embed new technologies.

XLabs presentation screen showing Circular by Design resource used in each lab
Explore, refine, strengthen and share your circular solutions

Using our circular idea canvas you will explore new ideas and how to make them likely to succeed. You will become clearer on how you might solve your challenge, and might be surprised to discover that many solutions already exist. Sharing journeys and stories generously, to inspire others to rise to the challenge.

XLabs coach presenting online
Connect and collaborate with a collective of industry leaders and experts.

The kind of cross industry collaboration that our future needs is both rare and crucial. That's why we recommend businesses take part in the full XLabs training program — to advance your ideas and potential impact to the next level. At XLabs LIVE in 2020 we saw a wide range of businesses and industries come together to work on their solutions alongside experts and collaborators such as Scion, Granta, Exeter University, Milk, Osynlig, Blender, Akina, Te Aroha Grace of Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei, Nuu, and Dan Hikuroa. The relationships you form at XLabs LIVE will not only enhance your solutions — they will become your allies in redesigning the future of Aotearoa.

XLabs participants and coach looking over stool prototype designed using circular materials
90% of XLabs 2020 participants

came away from the programme with a better understanding of the circular economy and why it is important for their business.

85% of XLabs 2020 participants

agreed that they felt excited about taking action at the end of the programme, and 78% agreed that they came away from their XLabs experience with at least one thing they/ their business could change or start doing in the next 6-12 months.

XLabs course content

Learn how to apply circular economy principles with design solutions that unlock new value — for your business, industry, community and resources.
It starts here.


  • Learn how the circular economy can create new value for your business
  • Discover the circular opportunity and context in Aotearoa NZ
  • Identify environmental challenges within your business
  • Explore how circular design methods can be practically applied to your business to solve these challenges
  • Design a solution using our circular idea canvas and implementation roadmap


  • 3-month enrolment to the self-directed XLabs LEARN program and community.
  • Access to 'Circular by Design' methodologies, toolkits and workbooks used by Circularity practitioners
  • Connection to the XLabs community and our coalition of the willing
  • Exclusive Ministry for the Environment guide to policies and the state of our environment
  • Certification for Designing for the Circular Economy upon course completion
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“I am LOVING the course. You guys have done such an amazing job of inspiring me and reframing a topic in a new way. I’ve read so many books about circular economy but the way you have told the story is so much more powerful. I’m also really impressed with how well you’ve embedded Te Ao Māori.”
– XLabs 2022 participant
“It is important that the changes we need to make don't sit on a few shoulders within an organisation - we need everyone. People within the business wanted to contribute to our sustainability programs but didn't know where to start - the XLabs LEARN program brought them up to speed quickly and empowered them with actionable tools”
– XLabs 2022 participant
“It has been brilliant to be part of XLabs and to see the passion and drive that exists for changing how we work and how we think about our impact on the planet. We have been inspired”
– The Warehouse Group
XLabs team

XLabs alumni 2020

Logos of companies who have participated in XLabs programs
XLabs participants standing outside in Central Auckland
team of 3 people sitting at a table discussing their Circular by Design solution at the XLabs sprint
Crowd of people standing and smiling during XLabs 2020
Louise Nash, founder of XLabs and Circularity, and participant in XLabs tshirt
Two women wearing white sitting at a table working through their regenerative future workbook at XLabs
Man standing in front of crowd presenting about Auckland Integrated Capitals Operating Model
Crowd of people clapping after presentation of a successful circular by design solution
XLabs presenter standing in front of a projector talking over regenerative outcomes
Crowd of people standing around an industrial community garden
Over the shoulder shot of middle aged man working through his solution to create a regenerative future at XLabs 2020
Closed up of the resources given to participants of XLabs Circular Economy lab
Women picking a range of sustainably sourced salads from the XLabs buffet
Two mean wearing backpacks walking down Central Auckland street pushing a bike

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Where comes next — XLabs LIVE 2022

Make the shift — and make it a reality with the full XLabs training program:



XLabs LEARN: An online course created by real-world practitioners - where you and your team explore how the circular economy can be practically applied to your business and environmental challenges.

Open Now.



XLabs LIVE: Up to 20 teams progress from LEARN to attend the XLabs 2022 in-person design sprint — advancing their circular concepts into validated solutions alongside Circularity and expert collaborators.

23rd – 27th May 2022



XLabs COACH: a wrap-around, ongoing coaching service from Circularity and expert collaborators to help your business advance these circular solutions into reality and create valuable progress.

On completion of LIVE.

Register now if you'd like to bring a team from your business, industry or region to take part in the full XLabs training program in 2022 — from creating a circular solution in LEARN, to advancing this solution alongside a collective of like-minded businesses and experts at our LIVE in-person design sprint, and through to receiving our COACH service to ensure your ongoing progress.

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Frequently asked questions

Q. What is the XLabs program for?

Individuals and business teams who are looking to build their capability and take full advantage of the circular economy opportunity. It doesn’t really matter what discipline or department you work in, we cater for all levels of expertise. You might be a Sustainability Director, a Designer, an Engineer, an Entrepreneur, or work in Marketing. Making the shift from linear to circular can benefit all areas of your business from procurement, supply chains, innovation, meeting new customer needs and designing closed-loop systems for waste streams. You are welcome to join as an individual but as previous XLabs participants have discovered - your impact will be exponential if you bring a team! Join us and start your journey today.

Q. How long will the LEARN course take?

This depends on you and your team. Modules 1-2 consist of reading materials and short exercises. These can be completed in a few hours and will provide you with a grounding in the theory and to start thinking about what shifts you can make. Module three is where it all comes together. If you are working as a team or individual we suggest you set aside a between 2-4 90min power sessions to complete each exercise or even 1-2 days. Planning ahead of these sessions is key, making sure everyone has done the pre-reading etc. You will then need a bit more time to research and validate your insights with your wider business. The more engagement with these exercises from your stakeholders, the better you can understand what the key focus areas and shifts you can make to become circular.

Q. Can I do XLabs as an individual?

Yes, you are able to complete our online programme XLabs LEARN as an individual – however it has been designed to work best for teams and businesses to collaborate, share and receive feedback, ideate solutions to the challenges they face. You can continue on to do the FULL PROGRAM by registering a team of between 3-6 people from within your business – this includes joining us, other businesses and experts at an in-person design sprint and receiving ongoing coaching support for your circular solution. If you are attending the full program, your team will all need to have completed the LEARN online course prior to the design sprint.

Q. Who should I have in my team?

We recommend that you bring a range of people from across your business who are motivated to make a change. Where possible, it would help to have the key decision makers and those with valuable knowledge of your wider system. If you attend LIVE you will get 4x guest passes to bring key stakeholders, external partners and funders into the sessions as well. Your team will be supported by a range of experts, bringing diversity of thinking to your problem-solving.

Q. Does my whole team need to complete LEARN to apply for LIVE?

Yes, each member of your core team – between 3-6 people need to complete the LEARN program in order to attend the XLabs LIVE design sprint and receive ongoing circular economy coaching support.

Q. What outcomes can I expect on this program?

The circular economy is the new narrative for innovation and progress that has been identified to be worth up to $4.5 trillion dollars globally and up to $8.8 billion in Tāmaki Makaurau alone.

Our XLabs program will enable you to -

  • Level up your knowledge of the circular economy with real-world practitioners, building your capability as individuals and teams to solve the challenges facing businesses right now.
  • Address the extractive practices of the linear economy, designing out waste and ideating new solutions for your business that unlock new value for people and the planet.
  • Connect with like-minded people who are on the same journey through our dedicated community platform.
  • Develop your action plan to accelerate your progress towards a circular economy.
  • Apply to be part of XLabs LIVE - our in-person circular design sprint*

*Course completion of the LEARN program is required to progress into the LIVE design sprint in Tāmaki Makaurau. A select number of places are available in LIVE and requires approval by Circularity and Partners.

Q. Can I purchase XLabs on behalf of someone else or my entire team?

If you are purchasing just LEARN at this stage, you can choose the number of participants at checkout.  If you’re taking up our offer of the “Full Package” of LEARN+LIVE you are securing a place for a team of up to 6 people across the entire XLabs Programme. Once registered we will email you with confirmation and a request to reply with the names and contact details for each of your team members. After that we will grant access to LEARN for each team member and they will receive their own confirmation as well.

Q. When do I have to complete LEARN by?

Our LEARN course is self-paced and is available to access for three months from the date of purchase. If you’re participating in XLabs LIVE, you’ll need to complete LEARN before then. We recommend you set aside with your team to collaborate with each other to get the most out of it, and this can be done however you wish - small bites each week, or larger working sessions.

Q. My business is keen to sign up - how do we get started?

Before 31st October- We are releasing 12x early-bird packages of LEARN+LIVE+COACH for teams of up to 6 people. When purchasing the full Package you are securing spots for a team, of up to 6 people, in all three XLabs programme streams. You don’t have to have everyone in the team “ready to roll” at the time of purchase, and can add members during the LEARN phase. We recommend completing LEARN as a group to get the most from the experience, but understand this can be tricky. Each team member must have completed LEARN by 31 Dec, however, to qualify for LIVE. All three programs are included and specifically designed to help make your ambition to become a reality.

After 31st October - The remaining eight places will be selected from teams who complete the LEARN program before the 31st October. Please let us know in your final Module (5) that your businesses would like to apply for LIVE and we will review your course workbook + roadmap.

Q. Can you invoice us?

Yes. We will invoice you upon approval of your registration. Email us at xlabs@circularity.co.nz to get this process underway.

Q. I have the ambition but not the cash, can I still join the program? Do you have a 'Pay what you can' policy?

We have the opportunity to offer a few places at a discounted rate to achieve the outcomes we seek. Email us at xlabs@circularity.co.nz with the subject line REQUEST A SPOT, letting us know what audacious challenge you would like to tackle.

Q. What is the XLabs refund policy?

This program is non-refundable. If you are not satisfied with the program while completing it we encourage you to connect with us directly - there are lots of ways we can ensure your experience is positive and the outcomes you seek are delivered.