Welcome to XLabs –
A circular economy lab

Co-creating the future to be

XLabs is a creating space at the intersection of human potential, science, and technology using a circular economy framework. A circular design program that takes participants on a journey from a challenge they need to solve to pitching a circular solution. This is how we will create new and better value for the future, together. By bringing businesses, experts and communities together we can build capability, accelerate innovation and shape extraordinary ideas for a more regenerative, resilient future. A future created in collaboration and led by the guiding principles of a circular economy.

More collaborative collisions
with cross-industry connections.
More imaginative innovation
with natural problem-solving.
More tangible progress
with ideas that create real impact.
This is it –



XLabs LEARN: An online course created by real-world practitioners - where you and your team explore how the circular economy can be practically applied to your business and environmental challenges.

Open Now.



XLabs LIVE: 20 teams progress from LEARN to the in-person circular design sprint - advancing their circular concepts into validated solutions alongside Circularity and expert collaborators.

Planned for w/c 4th April 2022.



XLabs COACH: a wrap-around, ongoing coaching service from Circularity and expert collaborators to help your business advance these circular solutions into reality and create valuable progress.

March onwards.

It starts here.

We’re creating the space for businesses, industries and regions to activate the principles of the circular economy — to design out waste and pollution, keep products and materials in flow, and regenerate natural systems. XLabs is the place to be if you want to re-imagine your future to be circular by design.

The circular economy has moved beyond a niche topic, to become an undeniable necessity for the world — this is the new narrative for innovation and progress. 

Internationally, businesses and brands are seeking to access a circular opportunity worth nearly $2 trillion in Europe alone and up to $8.8 billion in additional economic activity for Auckland^, all with a reduction in carbon emissions and use of virgin resources.
^economic analysis by Sapere Research Group.

Now is the time.
By aligning our values with value creation, we can start solving systemic problems and accelerate pathways toward a more resilient, low carbon Aotearoa and the world. 
Together —
co-creating the
future to be circular.
New Zealand’s first dedicated circular economy lab –
circular ideas
pitch viewers

(plus 1 pandemic pivot!)

“It was a privilege for Scion to contribute our innovations, science and knowledge around circular bioeconomy to New Zealand's first circular economy lab - XLabs.”
– Florian Graichen
“The core principles of a circular economy guide us towards a system that works both now and in the future. One far more resilient to the volatility of resource markets, and one that regenerates rather than solely taking.”
– Louise Nash
Circularity, founder of XLabs
“Volunteering at XLabs was the next evolution in my circular economy journey. It was the first time where I was able to use a careers worth of experience - by helping businesses to solve problems for a specific outcome that is by definition, good for people, planet and profit.”
– Ella Gordon-Latty
XLabs volunteer
“We can see that in the future Auckland will be viewed as a leader in circular economy practice, thanks to the work of Louise, the team at ATEED and these 18 companies that are launching the (XLabs) program.”
– Pam Ford
General Manager at Auckland Tourism,
Events and Economic Development
“We won’t be talking about circular economy in 2030, because it is just the way we will trade.”
– Leanne Kemp
One of a kind, 
made by many.
XLabs is like no other program, lab, sprint or conference –This is a creating space designed for more lasting, meaningful innovation that solves some of the biggest issues facing our life on planet Earth.

Each chapter of XLabs has a curated programme that includes a panel of experts and collaborators to best assist the teams, industries and specific ambitions involved – building real-world capability  to start creating circular solutions for today’s systemic challenges.

The potential lies in activating the ideas, energy and intent of a diverse collection of businesses, industries, experts and creative minds. Because all the solutions already exist, they just haven't been connected in the ways they are needed yet.

Designed to run alongside your everyday work and inspire bigger ambitions

Enough time for you to schedule work around the program, but also allow for ebb and flow to naturally occur between your day job and the future you are creating. With an agenda and digital support that moves you between indoor, outdoor and online spaces to optimise energy flows.

Work on a real and complex environmental challenge that relates to your business

While you are part of the program you will tackle a challenge for your business. This means it has more chance of being implemented. For many individuals or teams, working alongside other businesses to gain perspective and find new solutions is one of the most rewarding experiences of XLabs.

Generate new ideas using the Circular by Design methods

The Circular by Design methods form the basis of the XLabs program and will help you explore and unlock the circular economy advantage for your business. We start by 'Loving the Problem' in which we will help you build a system map for your business to close the loop. From there, we explore how you might grow your world, influence regenerative behaviours, use network participation to unlock new business models and embed new technologies.

Explore, refine, strengthen and share your circular solutions

Using our circular idea canvas you will explore new ideas and how to make them likely to succeed. You will become clearer on how you might solve your challenge, and might be surprised to discover that many solutions already exist. Sharing journeys and stories generously, to inspire others to rise to the challenge.

You will collaborate with many

The best future can only be unlocked together. The kind of cross-industry collaboration we need is both rare and crucial to redesigning our total system, not just the individual parts. In our recent Tāmaki Makaurau chapter, we brought additional collaborators and experts from For the Love of Bees, Scion, Granta, Exeter University, Milk, Osynlig, Blender, Akina (to name of few), into the lab as well as Te Aroha Grace of Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei, Nuu, and Dan Hikuroa to start instilling a deeper understanding of Mātauranga Māori into the work we do. The relationships you form will last well after pitch night -these will be your allies in redesigning the future.