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XLabs is a coalition of the willing –

Bringing together experts and collaborators across science, technology, design, waste and circular thinking to assist participating businesses in solving systemic challenges. Creating space for new conversations and creative collisions.

Mā mua ka kite a muri, 
mā muri ka ora a mua
Those who lead give sight to those who follow, and those we follow give life to those who lead.
Circularity logo, creator of XLabs

The creators of XLabs –

Our mission as Circularity, is to radically redesign business for a resilient and regenerative future.

Circularity is a circular design and transformation partner that helps you discover a better way of doing business. Simply put, we help businesses design a better way. We are co-creating with a new breed of business rising up to meet our challenges head on. Towards a circular future state.

We believe business needs to work with nature, not against it.  That we have an opportunity to bring together human potential, science and technology to solve the systemic challenges of waste, pollution and emissions. That these opportunities are real and present, we just need to unlock and connect them as a coalition of the willing. If you are looking for a partner to help you navigate your journey from a problem to solve to an innovation that’s valuable for your business and the world, then look no further. We are here to build your capability, unlock your story and design something extraordinary together.

Circularity's founder Louise Nash, brings together over 20 years of experience in global strategic brand development, human-centered design thinking and a Masters of Technological Futures focused on circular economy to XLabs. Through her consultancy work, Louise has helped businesses unlock new value and solve environmental challenges by becoming Circular by Design. She has founded XLabs as the result of the growing urgency to embed these principles to radically redesign business for a resilient, regenerative future.

Louise dreams of circular systems in her sleep, after all there is a whole world to redesign.

Side profile shot of Louise Nash at an XLabs event among coalition of the willing

Our Crew

XLabs design strategist, Bree Asmus writing at desk
Bree Asmus
Design strategist

A thoughtful and thorough practitioner, Bree brings over ten years experience in design, strategy and storytelling. Originally trained as a product designer, Bree is known as a senior strategist well versed in a wide range of industries and across some of New Zealand's leading brands. Bree led the design intention of XLabs, oversaw the creation of the workbooks and content, and delivered an immersive materials gallery experience.
Bree was our gift that kept giving - there are no limits to her talents!

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Andy Crowe Instructional Engineer wearing XLabs grey thsirt standing in front of black bookcase
Andy Crowe
Instructional Engineer

Andy leverages leading-edge methods to inform the creation of powerful learning experiences. In 2013 he co-founded a startup that reimagined waste plastic as a desirable material and led the business development and market testing of key products. Andy brings in experience as a workshop facilitator and learning coach to help support participants to apply new learnings to their specific business challenges. A warm heart with a steady hand, Andy led our digital pandemic pivot shifting over 100 people into the virtual world as we went into lockdown.

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Executive Paula Nightingale wearing XLabs top at event with coalition of the willing
Paula Nightingale
Executive Producer

Our Executive Producer Paula Nightingale comes from a background in producing advertising and marketing campaigns across the globe. A creative entrepreneur at heart, she brings her skills and experience gained in the start-up world, helping people define and communicate their unique story. At XLabs, she brought her ability to create a launch event that was the talk of the town, manage an ever-changing schedule, care for our experts and volunteers as well as sharing her experience in equity crowdfunding. We couldn’t have launched XLabs without our Ms Nightingale!

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The Supporters

Supporting the crew were the following multi- talented, good humans.

- Pipi Nicholson
- Anzel Singh
- Mariana Oliveira
- Vanessa Thompson
- Emma Smith
- Ajith Sreenivasan
- Ajay Ravi
- David Roy
- Stephanie Vercoe
- Madeleine Porter
- Fliss Roberts

"Volunteering at XLabs was the next evolution in my circular economy journey. It was the first time where I was able to use my careers worth of experience- helping businesses to solve problems- for a specific outcome that is by definition good for people, planet and profit. As a volunteer, you are party to the incredible speakers, conversations and design process that make up the build blocks of XLabs, which is worth its weight in gold" Ella Gordon-Latty

Group photo of coalition of the willing wearing XLabs tshirts

Special Mention

We would like to give special mention to those who made XLabs possible by going above and beyond the brief.

Osynlig team at XLabs Design Sprint

The origins of XLabs began with the help of Fredrik from Osynlig. He led our first design sprint where we prototyped the XLabs program and adapted it directly via feedback from businesses. With this prototype and the resulting feedback we were able to understand how best to deliver our program. Fredrik's design sprint expertise guided us seamlessly from concept, to ideation and prototyping which informed the final XLabs program.

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Profile shot of Milk founder standing in front of white wall with arms crossed

Milk created the most beautiful brand identity for Circularity, and also XLabs. The power of their work meant we were able to attract the brightest and the best to a new proposition that had never been done before. They also joined us to visualise our teams 2040 magazine covers - bringing life to our visions for a better future. There are no limits to the talent of the Milk crew and we are thrilled to be part of their design journey.

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Black and white profile shot of Simon Jackson

Simon Jackson brought to life our XLabs brand identity across T-Shirts, signage, the website and everything in between. Every business needs a trusted design hand that just gets it. Simon is this guy and more.
He pushed the envelope and supported our design intention to turn recovered and reused materials into useful items in the lab.
Thank you for answering our late night emails Simon!

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Group photo of ATEED - inaugural partners of XLabs

The inaugural partner 
of XLabs –

The first chapter of XLabs was created for Tāmaki Makaurau in partnership with Tātaki Auckland Unlimited.

In 2018, Tātaki Auckland Unlimited worked with the Sustainable Business Network to quantify the economic opportunity a circular economy could represent for Auckland – a potential $6.3 - $8.8 billion in additional economic activity by 2030, while significantly reducing carbon emissions.  

From there, Tātaki Auckland Unlimited discovered a lack of awareness and understanding about how circular economy principles apply to business and industry. Auckland businesses need information, tools and skills to enable them to use circular processes and innovations to create new forms of value, new markets and reduce reliance on finite resources.

To help lead the way, Tātaki Auckland Unlimited is working to support Auckland’s transition to a circular economy alongside Circularity with this XLabs partnership.

Special mention to Ryan and Paula who provided support at every turn.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Tātaki Auckland Unlimited and we feel deeply honoured to receive their support to launch the first ever circular economy lab in Auckland.

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Our experts and collaborators -thank you to you all

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