Get started – Co-create the future to be circular 
with XLabs.

We see a new breed of business rising up.

They don’t see today’s challenges as someone else’s problem or the solutions as a utopian vision. They seek a better reality we can create if we choose it today. By working with nature, not against it. By aligning our values with value creation. By tackling the world’s most wicked problems head-on, with bold conviction to do things differently. We offer a range of opportunities to advance your organisation towards a circular economy both personally and professional. From advisory to projects and workshops - either a bespoke version or join our collaborative series, XLabs. You define the project, we bring an experienced team to make it a reality.

This is it. Start making the shift from linear – to circular.



XLabs LEARN: An online course created by real-world practitioners - where you and your team explore how the circular economy can be practically applied to your business and environmental challenges.

Open Now!



XLabs LIVE: 20 teams progress from LEARN to the in-person circular design sprint - advancing their circular concepts into validated solutions alongside Circularity and expert collaborators.

Planned for w/c 4th April 2022.



XLabs COACH: a wrap-around, ongoing coaching service from Circularity and expert collaborators to help your business advance these circular solutions into reality and create valuable progress.

March onwards.

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“Seeing extremely high level executives and founders having their "A-ha" moment about the power of the CE principles, and dive into redesigning aspects of their business was incredible - because you know that these ideas will be showing up in reality in 3, 6 or 12 months down the line. I kept on thinking, what if every NZX listed company in New Zealand was going through this process? I can't wait to see this question answered.”
– Ella Gordon-Latty
“During an incredibly challenging year, XLabs has been a career highlight. Thanks Louise Nash at Circularity and the XLabs team. Totally feeling empowered to weather this storm and be part of our new (better) normal"
– Shannon Clement
Haka Tourism
“The different lenses that XLabs bought to our understanding of circular economy was a huge influence"
– Michael Eaglen
EV Maritime