XLabs 2020 –
Brought to you by Circularity in partnership with Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development.

The creators
of XLabs

Our mission as Circularity is to empower problem solving for a radically changing world
by unlocking a circular mindset.

Circularity's founder Louise Nash, brings together over 20 years of experience in global strategic brand development, human-centered design thinking and a Masters of Technological Futures focused on circular economy to XLabs . Through her consultancy work, Louise has helped businesses unlock new value and solve environmental challenges by becoming Circular by Design. She has founded XLabs as the result of the growing urgency to embed these principles to radically redesign business for a regenerative future.

Joining her in XLabs is Bree Asmus as our resident design strategist. A thoughtful and thorough practitioner, she brings over ten years experience in design, strategy and storytelling. Originally trained as a product designer, Bree is known as a senior strategist well versed in a wide range of industries and across some of New Zealand's leading brands.

Andy Crowe is also part of the XLabs crew - an instructional designer who leverages leading edge methods to inform the creation of powerful learning experiences. In 2013 he co-founded a startup that reimagined waste plastic as a desirable material and led the business development and market testing of key products. Andy brings in experience as a workshop facilitator and learning coach to help support participants to apply new learnings to their specific business challenges.

We’ll be sharing our Circular by Design methodology with 25 businesses in the Auckland region. Within an environment of cross-industry collaboration and supporting expertise, our participants will be at the forefront of accelerating Auckland’s transition to a circular economy with actionable solutions. Connecting them to solutions that exist, and helping them ideate when they don’t.

The partners
of XLabs

Circularity created XLabs in partnership with Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED).

In 2018, ATEED worked with the Sustainable Business Network to quantify the economic opportunity a circular economy could represent for Auckland – a potential $6.3 - $8.8 billion in additional economic activity by 2030, while significantly reducing carbon emissions.  

From there, ATEED discovered a lack of awareness and understanding about how circular economy principles apply to business and industry. Auckland businesses need information, tools and skills to enable them to use circular processes and innovations to create new forms of value, new markets and reduce reliance on finite resources.

To help lead the way, and alongside its destination management work, ATEED is working to support Auckland’s transition to a circular economy alongside Circularity with this XLabs partnership.

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